MNKINO48: TAG with HUGE Theater

INTRODUCING MNKINO48: TAG. An event with HUGE Improv Theater.

Screening: 11/21/15

In MNKINO48: Tag, participants submit (via this form) three items:

  • An inspiring, creative-commons photo
  • A provocative title, and
  • A juicy, Hollywood-inspired tagline

These three items, as a set are randomly distributed to another videomaker who uses them as inspiration for their video, as you receive someone else’s set to inspire your own video. Anything is acceptable: from the story-based traditional “movie” to something nonfiction, to the way-out-there experimental—as long as it’s under 5 minutes long!

On November 21, bring your video to HUGE Theater. Unused picture, title, and tagline sets will inspire LIVE IMPROV from one of HUGE Theater’s top improv groups.

QUESTIONS? Email us at!
SIGN UP FORM: Below, or at