MNKINO46: Countdown

MNKINO46: Countdown is a sprint to the finish line. On February 27 at Grumpy’s downtown, we’ll unveil the Mystery Meat for MNKINO46. Then, you (alone or with a team) will have 8 days to complete your video, culminating in a screening and party at Honey Northeast on March 7.

Whether you have a team in mind, need some collaborators, or prefer to work alone, RSVP now and join us at 7 p.m. on February 27 at Grumpy’s Downtown for the unveiling of the mystery meat, drinks and chances to meet other MNKINO participants.

MNKINO is an excuse for anyone to make a film and meet others who like doing the same. It’s not just for film school graduates, artists, or videographers, it’s for you!

To participate, simply create a video that is under five minutes in length and based on the screenings “Mystery Meat” theme. Participants may submit their films to the screening by sending them via wetransfer or dropbox to before the screening or by bringing the videos to the event as an MP4 or MOV file on a flashdrive the night of. If you have any questions just send us an email at

MNKINO Mystery Meat Unveiling
February 27th, 7pm to 9pm
Grumpy’s Bar, 1111 South Washington Ave, Minneapolis

MNKINO46: Countdown Screening
March 7th, 7pm to 9pm
Honey, 205 East Hennepin Avenue