MNKINO47: Film Score Fest 2015

FB_FSFilm Score Fest is back in 2015! MNKINO and Composer Quest are pairing up filmmakers and composers to create new short films, and the Composer Quest orchestra will perform the scores live at the screening on August 13th (7 p.m., Landmark Center in St. Paul, MN).

MNKINO 47: Home Mystery Meat for Film Score Fest from MNKINO on Vimeo.

General info:

  • Sign-up to participate in Film Score Fest 2015 is now closed. If you missed the deadline, check back in August for our next MNKINO filmmaking challenge.
  • We’ll screen as many films as we can, but our orchestra has a limited amount of scores they can learn. If needed, we will select films based on: 1) artistic merit, 2) score playability, 3) whether or not they fit in the overall program, and 4) whether or not the films/scores were made locally in Minnesota.

Guidelines for filmmakers:

  • Video must be under 5 minutes
  • Based on the mystery meat (theme) “home”
  • Any video format is acceptable (but please avoid .wmv if possible!)
  • Send your video to your composer partner by June 15, 2015

Guidelines for composers:

  • We will have one of each of these instruments: flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor, or bari), bassoon, french horn (in F), Bb trumpet, trombone, tuba, drum set, guitar (classical, steel string, or electric), grand piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and an additional percussion player, who can play one of the following: two-octave xylophone, glockenspiel, triangle, woodblock, shaker, tambourine, claves, cabasa, bongos, bodhran (Celtic), ashiko (African), djun (African), djembe (African), box drum.
  • Score and parts must be formatted for 8.5 x 11″ paper, vertical layout. Make sure it’s readable by a human conductor and not too tiny.
  • When finished, send (using dropbox or wetransfer):
    • PDFs of your score and parts
    • MIDI file (so we can create a click track)
    • The final video with a mockup score (for the musicians to learn)
    • The final video without the mockup score, for the video playback
    • mp3 file of your mockup (for the musicians to listen & learn)

Feel free to email with filmmaking questions and with composing questions.