MNKINO51: Film Score Fest Mystery Meat.

On July 29th, 2017, MNKINO51: Film Score Fest will bring filmmakers, composers, and musicians together to create new short films with original scores that are performed live at the screening. Watch the mystery meat which will serve as the thematic prompt for FSF video. 

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MNKINO46: Countdown Videos

Videos made in 8 days based on the theme, Comeback!

“MNKINO46: Comeback Mystery Meat” by MNKINO

“Dr. Scientist – Leftovers” teaser by David Koesters

“The Comeback” by Joel Broughton

“Dizzy” by Charlie McCarron
“Comeback” by Katey DeCelle and Alicia Ross
“Sheer Terror” by Joel Broughton, Laura Benson, and Oanh Vu
“Small Blind” by We Grillin Tonight Films
“O Regresso” by Christian Finch