MNKINO47: The Film Score Fest

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 3.39.13 PMOn August 13th, 2015, MNKINO47: Film Score Fest will bring filmmakers, composers, and musicians together to create new short films with original scores that are performed live at the screening.

How to Participate
If you’re interested in making a film or composing a score, you’ll need to sign up, and we’ll help match you up with a filmmaker or composer! Sign-up begins April 19th at the Film Score Fest Kick-Off  and ends May 15th. We’ll also post the sign-up form here on our website. If you have a filmmaker or composer in mind you’d like to work with, please list this in the sign-up. Filmmakers and composers can choose to collaborate on their film together, but are not required.

How to Submit
Filmmakers, films should be 5 min. or under and use the Mystery Meat to serve as a thematic prompt. The Mystery Meat will be announced April 19th once the sign-up begins. You must submit your film to your composer by June 15th, consider using wetransfer, dropbox, or a physical handoff. Files like .mov and mp4 work the best.

Composers, we will have orchestral instruments, plus drum set, electric guitar, electric bass, and keyboard. You must submit your score to Composer Quest by July 20th, please send it using or dropbox to
1) a copy of the video without music, for the screening.
2) a copy of the video with a reference music track (MIDI or audio file), for the orchestra to study (this is optional, but would be very helpful).
3) PDF score and parts for each instrument.

Important Dates and Details

  • Sunday, April 19th, 3pm to 5pm: Film Score Fest Kick-Off Event at Bedlam Lowertown. Mystery Meat reveal and sign-up begins.
  • May 15th: Sign-up Ends
  • June 15th: Films must be finished and handed off to your composer.
  • July 20th: Film scores must be finished and sent to
  • Thursday, August 13th, 7pm: Screening at the Landmark Center in St. Paul (F.K. Weyerhaeuser Auditorium). We will show 17 films, but if there more submissions than that, we may need to select films based on their artistic merit and score playability.

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